5 Ways to combat pre-performance nerves

It’s almost showtime! We understand that this is very exciting yet for some children a little daunting …

We want to nourish every student’s confidence and well being by helping them look forward to our performance with eager eyes! Help to rid those pre-performance nerves with these simple and easy steps:

  1. Practice Well
  2. Watch themselves perform
  3. Be slow and relaxed
  4. Feel confident and show it
  5. Take feedback

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At Razzamataz, we love Relax Kids. Here’s a few of their top exercises for creating calm and combating nerves.

  • Exercise 1 Mirror

Close your eyes and imagine you are looking into a mirror. Imagine in the mirror is an even better you. See yourself happy and smiling. See yourself full of happiness and looking amazing. Take a step towards the mirror and now imagine that you are the wonderful person in the mirror. Feel yourself tingle inside as you realise how amazing you are. Now squeeze your thumb and first finger together as you think about how amazing you feel. When you are ready step back again and open your eyes. Whenever you are feeling down and want to remind yourself how special you are, you just have to squeeze your thumb and first finger together.

Positive Affirmation

‘Today I will be honest like a mirror’ – This is a great affirmation to help you remem­ber to tell the truth and be honest.

Top Tip – Spend time praising each child and reminding them what they are good at and what you are proud of.

  • Exercise 2: Squeeze and Relax

Lie down or sit back in your chair and take in a deep breath, and as you breathe in, squeeze all the muscles in your body. Now breathe out and relax all the muscles in your body. Repeat this exercise one more time.

Positive Affirmation

‘Today I will be happy like a bumblebee’ – This is a great affirmation to help you feel positive and cheerful.

Top Tip – Ensure your child is hydrated with plenty of water to keep their brains working in opti­mum condition. This will allow them to focus and improve behaviour.

  • Exercise 3 Butterfly breathsHappy Children

Imagine there is a butterfly on end of your nose. You feel the butterfly as your breathe in and out. Now it is on your chest as you breath in and out and now on your stomach. Take in a deep breath into your stomach and watch the butterfly rise and fall with your stomach.

Positive Affirmation

‘Today I will be gentle like a bumblebee’ – This is a great affirmation to help you re­member to stay gentle and kind to others.

Top Tip – using a prop such as a feather can help your child to concentrate on their breath.

  • OPTIONAL ACTIVITY – My 5 Achievements

This exercise is great for helping develop children’s self esteem as they start to acknowledge even the small things that they have achieved. Ask children to write a list of 5 great things they did that day. They might like to put these in a book or keep them on the same paper. These can be simple things from listening at school, eating everything on their plate, smiling at someone or being a good friend.

We hope you find these exercises useful. Let us know how successful they are in a quick post.

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