Natasha’s London update

I had my first trip to London with my family aged nine and I so looked forward to the day I would be able to call the place ‘home.’  Just two weeks ago, this dream became a reality and I am so excited to begin the LONDON chapter of my life.


Originally, I transferred here with House of Fraser to work for the company OFFICE shoes, but an opportunity came up to work at the Sea Life Centre at the County Hall. Working at the Sea Life Centre is so much fun, most of the staff are resting performers too and it is engage with them as we meet and greet the customers.  My role is all about creating a wonderful experience for each visitor, so it is a very rewarding job knowing you get to play a part in making a family adventure so magical.  I also get to enjoy the beautiful walk in to work which is by the Westminster Bridge, catching Big Ben, the South Bank and the London Eye each day. I often get stopped by tourists to take photos, which is also so lovely as I get the chance to capture a special memory for them too.


Obviously, the main reason I moved to London was to chase the superstar dream.  Last week I came across an advertisement for an Irish band looking for a new front woman/man. I contacted them and had a little meeting/audition with them yesterday. I’m proud to say I have managed to land myself the job! They are called Celtic Crunch. You can catch a few things on YouTube, but as soon as I have a link to any performance we do, I’ll send it through. I’m excited for this opportunity because I’ll get to visit many of London’s Irish pubs and clubs. They also do Irish festivals in summer, who knew London was so fond of the Irish culture, but hey, not complaining!


It has only been two weeks and already I’m getting myself stuck into many opportunities.  I look forward to keeping you all posted with whatever my next big adventure may be.  Finally, I would like to thank you all for your kind well wishes, I have had an absolutely phenomenal time teaching at Razzamataz and could not have dreamed of working with a better bunch of kids.  I hope to attend the summer performance in July where no doubt they will continue to blow me away with their talent.


Speak to you all soon


Natasha x

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