Mia reviews Shrek the Musical

On the 23rd of November, I went to see Shrek The Musical.

It was really funny and at some parts, a little sad. As it was a musical it did include songs. Lots, of songs. I liked all of them, but my favourite was ‘I Know It’s Today’ sang by young, teenage, and adult Fiona (played by Bronte Barbe). It was about her waiting for her prince, and counting down the days until she met him. The actors where really good at playing their characters and expressed them really well. Everyone could see them as the lighting was in perfect timing. It shone on them leaving the back drop a mystical, deep version of the original colour. Of course to the songs, there were dances. One of the dances was to a song, which seniors, did at Razzmataz. In the show there were some magnificent props and costumes. My favourite was the dragon costume, which took several people to move!

I loved Shrek The Musical, and would definitely recommend it!

Review by Razzamataz student Mia (aged 10)

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