Childhood obesity on the increase

Around one in five children in Year 6 is obese and a further 14% are overweight according to the National Child Measurement Programme. In a recent study, research pinpointed that the influence of parents and exposure to junk food to be the main causes. So what can we do to tackle this problem?

It seems society needs to take responsibility for our children’s health. Foods higher in trans-fats and sugar tend to be cheaper and more convenient. A crackdown on sugar duty on fizzy drinks and chocolate would make a positive impact. Kids like sweets. End of. So it’s understandable that parents will often give in to their child’s persistent requests for a treat from the biscuit tin over a few carrot sticks. Life’s too short and sometimes simply not worth the battle. But regularly surrendering to your child’s wants can have a lasting effect on their health. Since the 1980s, obesity rates have risen from 5% to 16%. We all know that a combination of moderate exercise and a balanced diet is essential. Among other contributing factors, perhaps this is due to an increase in the pace of life and a growing pressure to be a super mum or dad; juggling a glittering, successful career with raising high achieving children, housework and a jam packed social life.

Is it possible to ‘have it all?’ Do you often find yourself looking at other parents like SJ Parker photographed right wondering, “I don’t know how she does it?” Date night and peaceful baths can often take a back seat when family life is in full swing but you need to take some time for yourself too! We can help you. We provide children across the region with a safe place to be creative and express themselves (burning off lots of energy in the meantime) while you enjoy some ‘me’ time. You can tick off all those jobs on your to-do list or schedule in a catch up over coffee with peace of mind that your kids are taking part in activities that will benefit their physical and social well-being. Bye bye childhood obesity and bye bye parental guilt. It’s a win-win, a no brainer. Grab a slice of the action this Saturday, 23rd May, by contacting Alison at

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